Rut Greens Warm Climate

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A southern-focused brassica blend that includes less big bulbs and more species to handle heavy browse pressure in smaller plots.  Quick growing oats, clover and Pasja paired with kale, rape and other turnips make this blend attractive all season.

Pasja Hybrid Forage Brassica: Quick growing with excellent tonnage and high leaf-to-bulb ratio, known for it's ability to handle browse and it's regrowth

Bonar Rape: Late maturing with a high leaf-to-stem ratio, fills in as other varieties freeze out

Purple Top Turnips: Large spherical bulb and leafy tops, high protein and high energy food source

Barkant Turnips: Large purple tankard bulb, high in sugar and protein

Bayou Kale: Short stems with large leaves and excellent winter hardiness

MonsterBuck Oats: Forage oats that are high in protein and stay green well into the fall and winter

Fixation Balansa Clover: Cold tolerant annual clover to help add nitrogen to your soil and suppress weed competition

Crimson Clover: Annual clover that excels in soil improvement

Coverage Guidelines

Weight Coverage
21 lbs 1/2 acre