Multi Year- Cold Climate

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This powerful combination of improved clovers and chicory was specifically selected to handle browse pressure, hoof traffic and provide near year-round attraction and nutrition for your deer.  Prolific clovers with an aggressive stolon and root density will provide good drought and cold tolerance.  The added chicory makes an excellent yield with high levels of protein and minerals.  The Multi Year blend should be a staple in every hunter's food plot program.  This blend is only 7 pounds per acre due to the smaller seed size, which requires less weight for the same coverage as other clover varieties.

Renovation White: Increased stolon density with wider leaves, highly attractive

Stamina White: New variety with a high yield and aggressive root, handles browse extremely well

Jumbo II Ladino: Aggressive tillering, large leaves, high yield

Persist Red: Fast establishing, long lasting and highly attractive

Oasis Chicory: Deep rooted for better drought resistance, excellent nutritional value


Coverage Guidelines

Weight Coverage
3.5 lbs 1/2 acre
7 lbs 1 acre