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All season, All Purpose. If you have one plot to plant, this is your blend.  A combination of cereal grains and Pasja for an early attractant, while leaving room for late season bulbs, kale, and rape.  This is a faster growing mix for later plantings.

Pasja Hybrid Forage Brassica: Quick growing with excellent tonnage and a high leaf-to-bulb ratio, known for it's ability to handle browse and it's regrowth

Purple Top Turnips: Large spherical bulb and leafy tops, high protein and high energy food source

Barkant Turnips: Large, purple tankard bulb, high in sugar and protein

Bayou Kale: Short stems with large leaves and excellent winter hardiness

Bonar Rape: Late maturing with a high leaf-to-stem ration, fills in as other varieties freeze out

MonsterBuck Oats: Forage oats that are high in protein and stay green well into the fall and winter

MonsterBuck Winter Wheat


Coverage Guidelines

Weight Coverage
34 1/2 acre