Rut Greens PLUS Cold Climate

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The ultimate brassica blend plus an added cold weather clover that comes back in the Spring. This cold hardy combination features staggered maturity rates for a layered effect and attraction throughout the entire season. Rapid growth, great tasting leaves, and handles browse like a champ. A quick look at the makeup of this blend is below, but some may ask, why no radishes? While they are good and attractive to deer, they can freeze out quicker than some of these other varieties and are also more susceptible to being over browsed.  The Pasja and Appin in this blend have the same rapid early growth with tons of tasty leaves, but they handle browse better.

Pasja Hybrid Forage Brassica: Quick growing with excellent tonnage and high leaf-to-bulb ratio, known for it's ability to handle browse and it's regrowth

Bonar Rape: Late maturing with a high leaf-to-stem ratio, fills in as other varieties freeze out

Purple Top Turnips: Large spherical bulb and leafy tops, high protein and high energy food source

Appin Turnips: Fast growing, leafy, and highly digestible

Barkant Turnips: Large purple tankard bulb, high in sugar and protein

Bayou Kale: Short stems with large leaves and excellent winter hardiness

Fixation Balansa Clover: Cold tolerant annual clover to help add nitrogen to your soil and suppress weed competition

Coverage Guidelines

Weight Coverage
5.5 lbs 1/2 acre
11 lbs 1 acre