No Huddle

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Maybe the weather has been tough and your initial plot plans fell through.  Or maybe you've just procrastinated a little too long. Either way, the clock is ticking. The No Huddle blend is here for last minute planting or for when you need to rescue a failed plot. This blend is a rapid grower even in adverse conditions.

Plant late summer to early fall.

Buster Radish: Easy to grow, highly attractive, deep rooted

Purple Top Turnips: Large, spherical bulb and leafy top, high protein and high energy food source

Winter Rye: Quick germination, stays green and attractive well into the winter

Winter Wheat: Easy to grow, early attraction

MonsterBuck Oats: High in protein and carbohydrates

Crimson Clover: Highly palatable annual clover

Medium Red Clover: Fast establishing on a variety of soil types

Ladino White Clover: High protein, near year-round nutrition

Weight Coverage
22 lbs 1/2 acre