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Overcast is a diverse blend for broadcasting into standing grains or row crop. This variety is fast growing and a great way to maximize food in a given area. To maximize this blend, add 25-50 lbs of your favorite rye, winter wheat, or triticale.

Plant late summer or early fall.

Pasja Forage Hybrid Brassica: Quick growing with excellent tonnage and high leaf-to-bulb ratio, known for it's ability to handle browse and it's regrowth

Purple Top Turnip: Large spherical bulb and leafy tops, high protein and high energy food source

Appin Turnip: Fast growing, leafy, and highly digestible

Barkant Turnip: Large purple tankard bulb, high in sugar and protein

Fixation Balansa Clover: Cold tolerant annual clover to help add nitrogen to your soil and suppress weed competition

Frosty Berseem Clover: Fast growing, cold tolerant annual clover

Bonar Rape: Late maturing with a high leaf-to-stem ratio, fills in as other varieties freeze out

Weight Coverage
6 lbs 1/2 acre
12 lbs 1 acre