Frosty Berseem Clover Food Plot Seed

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Frosty berseem clover is a much more frost-tolerant variety than regular berseem clover, allowing it to stay green later into the fall. This cool-season, annual legume quickly produces significant forage and thrives in wet conditions, though it does not tolerate drought well. Frosty berseem clover is known for its high protein levels, ranging from 20-30%, making it an excellent choice for nutritious forage.


  • Frost Tolerance: More frost-tolerant than regular berseem clover, extending its growing season into the fall.
  • Quick Forage Production: Rapidly produces significant amounts of forage, ensuring a steady supply for livestock.
  • High Protein Content: Offers high protein levels of 20-30%, contributing to the nutritional needs of animals.
  • Wet Condition Adaptability: Thrives in wet conditions, making it suitable for areas with high moisture levels.


  • Type: Cool season annual legume.
  • Longevity: Annual in the Midwest.
  • Seed Count: 200,000 seeds per pound.

Planting Instructions

  • Seeding Rate: Seed at 12-15 lbs/acre when planted alone, and 2-8 lbs/acre when used in mixes.
  • Seeding Depth: Plant seeds at a depth of 1/4-1/2 inch.
  • Planting Range: Spring through mid-summer for optimal establishment.

Food Plot Uses

Frosty berseem clover is an excellent choice for food plots, particularly for those planting for deer hunting. Its high protein content makes it highly attractive to deer, providing them with a nutritious forage option. The extended growing season, thanks to its frost tolerance, ensures that the food plot remains productive later into the fall, supporting deer well into the hunting season. Additionally, its rapid growth and ability to thrive in wet conditions make it a reliable and sustainable choice for creating successful food plots.

Frosty berseem clover from Elk Mound Seed is an ideal addition to any forage program or food plot, offering high nutritional value and exceptional frost tolerance to extend the growing season.