Forage Turnip Food Plot Seed

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Turnips are both cold-hardy and drought-tolerant. They can be planted late-even as a second crop-and provide high-quality grazing late in the fall. Turnip planted in July will provide grazing from September to November. The most vigorous root growth takes place during periods of low temperature (40 to 60 F) in the fall. The leaves maintain their nutritional quality even after repeated exposure to frost. Turnips grows best in a moderately deep loam, fertile and slightly acid soil. Turnip does not do well in soils that are of high clay texture, wet or poorly drained. For good root growth turnip needs a loose, well aerated soil.

  • May be seeded alone or with grasses.
  • Seeding Depth: 1/4"-1/2" deep in well prepared seedbed.
  • Longevity: Annual.
  • Seed Count: 220,000 per pound.