Balansa Clover

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Balansa is a cool-season legume which can grow in a large range of soils tolerating pH levels from 4.5-8.3. The species is quite tolerant of waterlogged soils and can even withstand short periods of flooding.

  • White or pink in color.
  • Easily digestible with protein levels in upper 20's.
  • Features rapid germination and vast quantities of biomass
  • Individual plants can exceed 10 feet in length; however, the plant structure is only able to support 3 feet of vertical growth
  • Seeding Depth: 1/4"-1/2" deep in well prepared seedbed.
  • Longevity: Annual.
  • 50% Seed coating
  • Tolerates wide range of soil types
  • Massive taproot
  • Can grow up to 3 ft tall with stems as long as 10 ft
  • Capable of creating 100 lbs of nitrogen an acre
  • Excellent forage for grazing or cutting
  • Seeding Rate: Drilled 5-6 lbs/acre Broadcasted 8-10 lbs/acre (in mixes 3-5 lbs/acre)