Annual and Perennial Mix Food Plot Seed

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MOST POPULAR FOOD PLOT MIX!! This is the seed mix food plot managers prefer. Annual and Perennial Mix will attract deer and provide excellent nutrition in both warm and cool seasons. This mix combines canola, turnips & chicory with four types of proven perennial clovers & alfalfa providing the best nutrition available. What makes this product unique is the combination of two brassicas - canola, and turnips - which are traditionally not grown in farming areas yet are great deer attractants. A successful food plot must be monitored to make sure the food plot is adequate for amount of wildlife.

  • This mix is unique which will hold wildlife in your area.
  • Germination Rate: 10-14 Days.
  • Planting Schedule: April through June or August.
  • Seed this mix in Oct. for frost seeding.